Cake Ideas for a Rustic Wedding

Cake Ideas for a Rustic Wedding
November 17, 2016 Lucy's Garden
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You’ve been busy planning out all the details for your wedding day, and while sometimes the preparations seem endless, one of the more fun items to plan is the wedding cake. Who wouldn’t want to sample some delicious dessert and explore fun ways to make your cake fit with your personality as a couple?

With a country wedding theme, you have flexibility when it comes to the wedding cake. You can hire a professional to make your cake, which is the easiest and lowest stress option, or you could enlist the help of some close family members and friends to help you out. If you are looking for something to fit with your rustic theme, a wide variety of dessert options would be completely appropriate, from elaborately decorated layered cakes, to sheet cakes, to cupcakes, to pudding, pies, and other desserts. Choose your wedding dessert based on your style preferences, your wedding theme, and of course, your taste buds!

Traditional Rustic Wedding Cakes

Most couples who are planning a country wedding still elect to hire a professional cake decorator to make their wedding cake. With all the other things to plan for the wedding day, it is just more convenient to let someone else make the cake and deliver it. You still need to have some input, though. Your cake decorator will have samples and options for you to choose from of cakes they are able to make, or you can take them a picture of a cake you have seen and would like them to make.

Tried and true cakes for rustic weddings are often multi-tiered, frosted, and topped with flowers or greenery. Some couples choose fruit, berries, or nuts to spruce up the top of the cake. You can look through pages and pages of photos on websites like to come up with just the right look for your rustic wedding cake.

DIY Wedding Cakes 

Some ambitious couples decide to make their cake themselves, or incorporate some other delicious dessert into their wedding celebration. A single layer cake, dusted with powdered sugar and decorated with flowers, would be elegant at a country wedding. Or, ask a talented friend to bake a cake with a layer of strawberry preserves in the middle, and then drizzle fresh strawberries and chocolate over the top. You could also make a tasty display out of individual cupcakes layered on different sized birch logs, surrounded by fresh flowers and greenery.

Other Options for Wedding Desserts 

If you are the type of couple that thinks outside the box, you could try a different type of dessert altogether – no one ever said you had to serve cake at your wedding. Make several large pots of dirt cake (made of crushed sandwich cookies and pudding) to dish out, root beer floats, or cookies or bars for each of your guests. And of course, you can’t go wrong serving homemade pie and ice cream at your wedding reception.

With all the hectic days of wedding planning ahead of you, don’t forget to take time out to decide on your wedding dessert. Have fun planning this part of your wedding, and be sure it’s something you both will love.

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