Flower Ideas for a Garden Wedding

Flower Ideas for a Garden Wedding
October 25, 2016 Lucy's Garden

Flowers Ideas for an Outdoor Wedding

A garden wedding wouldn’t be complete without flowers. If you’ve chosen an outdoor garden venue, your work is mostly done because the flowers will already be growing on site and looking gorgeous without you having to do a thing. But brides and grooms still usually like to add a personal touch to the wedding by carrying flowers and by decorating with flowers. If you want to add some color of your own, you should bring in some flowers to use in addition to the naturally growing ones in the garden.

Your garden flowers are going to be amazing if you’ve chosen a countryside wedding. If you plan on carrying bouquets or having flowers at reception tables, you want them to look just as beautiful. There are several types of flowers couples tend to choose to go with their rustic-themed wedding.

Hover over the images below for detailed info about each type of flower.

There are plenty of websites you can use to help you determine the right combination of flowers for the perfect bouquet or centerpiece. Better Homes and Gardens is a trusted resource, or if you have hired a florist to help, be sure to share some of your ideas for flowers so they can incorporate them into your plan.

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