Garden Wedding Tips

Garden Wedding Tips
October 6, 2016 Lucy's Garden

Everyone loves a garden wedding. There is just something enchanting about a ceremony and reception in the beautiful setting of an outdoor garden. While the natural aesthetics of a flower garden make decorating for a wedding easy, there are still ways you can contribute to the scenery in order to add your own personality to the day.

Depending on your style, your garden wedding will have a personality all its own. Maybe you want to incorporate all organic materials in your food and décor, repurposing old mason jars and vases, using fresh cut flowers, leaves, and homemade candles. Or you might be going for a more traditional feel, with beautiful lace decorations or rustic floral wreaths to add a touch of the past. Or maybe you are going for a whimsical flair for your wedding, using fairy lights or wooden logs for your decor.

The good thing about a garden wedding is it can be versatile and customizable, while still remaining elegant and timeless. There are endless possibilities when it comes to decorating that will make your garden wedding a memorable, fun-filled day, but here are some new and interesting ideas you might want to consider.

Incorporate special lighting. There are the typical rope lights, paper lamps, or lanterns that have become popular at rustic weddings, and these won’t disappoint. Another beautiful but simple option is to use exposed bulbs. Just cluster them together and let them create a welcoming glow. There are many local vendors that can also help with lighting.

Make use of nature. Simple logs can be used in many different ways on your wedding day. Cut slits into one side of the log to create a holder for place cards for guests. Or, use different sized logs as stands to display food items on the table if you are having a buffet.

You incorporate nature in other ways as well, such as painting the names of guests on either pebbles or leaves to use instead of place cards. Pinterest has a wide array of ideas to incorporate nature into your big day.

Decorate with your own style. A garden wedding does not always mean traditional. You are free to let your own personality shine through on your wedding day and you should think about this when you plan your decorations. Use origami paper cranes hung from the ceiling to create a magical feel, or create a family tree by hanging framed photographs from tree branches.

Have some fun with your guests. Think outside the box when it comes to your garden wedding. You could give each guest a light source to light as the night draws to a close, or send home a gift with each guest that they will remember, like a packet of seeds to plant or a jar of honey. The Knot as some great wedding favors in their shop.

Use flowers generously. Of course, you can’t go wrong if you use flowers to decorate your garden wedding: flowers in the bride’s hair, in jars on tables, or on a wall used as a photo backdrop. Flowers can also be placed in the aisles of the ceremony site, made into a canopy, or placed on the backs of each guest’s chair. They sky’s the limit when you use flowers for your garden wedding.

A little planning ahead of time can help make your special day a breeze, so you can focus on the important things like your guests and each other. Many decorations can be made days or a week ahead of time, and for last minute flower arrangements, enlist the help of a professional designer, florist, or some creative friends. It’s important to also check with your venue to make sure your ideas will work in the space.

Your wedding day is one you’ve been waiting for and planning for a long time, and you want it to be perfect. By taking the time to plan out the personal touches you want to see, and relying on the natural beauty of your outdoor garden site, you can sit back and enjoy this important day.



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