Lighting: Creating the Perfect Atmosphere for Your Outdoor Wedding

Lighting: Creating the Perfect Atmosphere for Your Outdoor Wedding
November 17, 2016 Lucy's Garden

Most experts agree that in addition to the right colors and décor of a wedding, lighting is important in order to create the perfect setting. As you make decisions about your wedding, don’t forget to consider how lighting will play a role in the atmosphere of your big day.

Natural Light Is Beautiful 

22N6al1pZU-cECiyPYj4Kro4zIbph__vn-9R4Oq955shnPb3t6pRItrrkTj8l7sSPLhixQ=w2560-h1181Having a country wedding gives you much more flexibility than an indoor venue when it comes to lighting. First of all, you will have the benefit of natural light during the day, and you can count on this light to always be flawless. Sunlit backgrounds and the naturally lit great outdoors add beauty and character to your wedding day and the pictures of that day.

Even though outdoor lighting is perfect, you have to be careful about a few things. Sunlight can be blinding, and it can be hard to keep your eyes open when facing the sun for a picture. The last thing you want is your wedding party to be squinty-eyed in every picture. The other thing to consider is shade and where it falls in your pictures. You don’t want trees or buildings casting shadows where they hide faces and subjects of photos. In order to keep the gorgeous natural light from ruining your pictures, talk to your photographer ahead of time to figure out the best location, angles, etc. to create the best pictures.

Artificial Lights add Romance 

0815_Rutten_335A rustic wedding lends itself well to a variety of artificial light options. If your reception will be held at night or indoors, you will be able to be creative with the staging of lights. Sticking with the rustic theme, run bare light bulbs overhead, or bring in strings of white lights and hang them from barn beams or down posts. Paper lanterns or fairy lights can be hung from trees outside to create a welcoming glow. Some couples make or buy tin can lights that they hang from tree branches or put on fence posts.

Dining tables provide the perfect space for additional lights. Mason jars filled with strings of lights, small lamps, and lit centerpieces all help add a little romantic flair to the evening and fit well with the rustic theme. Small lights spread throughout the dining area not only soften the atmosphere, but make for beautiful pictures as well.

As always, be sure to check with your venue before planning any type of lighting, especially anything that needs to be hung from barn rafters or trees. With a little creativity and planning, you can create an elegant setting for your wedding and reception.

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