Outdoor Wedding Ideas

Outdoor Wedding Ideas
September 23, 2016 Lucy's Garden

Outdoor Wedding Ideas

There’s nothing more beautiful than a well-planned outdoor wedding. The sights and sounds of nature create a spectacular atmosphere that can only be experienced in the great outdoors. If you are considering an outdoor wedding, you definitely want to take full advantage of the beauty of the landscape and natural setting, but there are other things to consider that can help you add a touch of your own personality and make your celebration uniquely yours.

Consider Your Guests

0815_Rutten_321First of all (and not a very difficult item to check off your list), you want to make sure your guests are taken care of and know what to expect. This means giving them good directions to get to your outdoor venue, where to park, and where to go once they get there. This can all be conveyed in your invitations–just add a personal note in the invite with directions. In addition, you can create some rustic-looking signage for the day of the wedding: use chalkboard signs or pallet message boards to direct your guests.

Plan for the Weather

No one likes to think of rain on their wedding day, but since your wedding will be outside, you have to at least consider the possibility that the weather might not cooperate. Have a back-up plan for this: Does your venue have an indoor space for the ceremony if necessary? Are there fans or if it is really hot? Is there seating for each of your guests inside if it rains? You can also plan ahead for your bridal party by having umbrellas, jackets, or shawls available in case there is rain or a drop in temperature.

Decide on Photo Locations

This one should be easy because of the amazing setting you’ve chosen for your wedding. You can’t go wrong with outdoor wedding photos. To make the most of your rustic theme, be sure to have pictures taken in the flower garden and both inside and outside of the barn, using the aged building as an elegant backdrop for you as a couple and your entire wedding party. Night scenes illuminated by strings of lights also make for incredible wedding photos. You can meet with your photographer before the wedding to get their ideas and talk about your options so you don’t miss any of the great shots you are hoping to have taken of your day. Also be sure to ask your venue for their photographer recommendations, as having a photographer who has already shot at the location you choose can be a big time saver.

Food and Drink

Having an outdoor wedding gives you license to change things up a bit when it comes to food and drink. Most people still hire a caterer, but instead of serving a formal dinner, your menu might consist of comfort food, hearty appetizers, or even wood fired pizza. Food trucks are another trendy and fun way to serve guests at an outdoor wedding.

Drinks can be displayed in any number of fun ways: punch or lemonade in large mason jars; soda, beer, or water in a classic planter box; cans or bottles in a vintage wheelbarrow.

Games and Wedding Favors

Having an outdoor wedding ceremony and reception at the same venue means your guests have a little extra down time, and lots of space in which to relax. To fill the time, have outdoor games like horseshoes or bean bags for your guest to enjoy.

When it is time for your guests to leave, send them on their way with a fun gift to remind them they are special to you. Sticking with the rustic theme, give guests jars of jam, honey, or maple syrup to take home, or hand out seedlings or packets of seeds for your family and friends to start their own flower garden.

Make the Decorations Your Own

0815_Rutten_620Finally, one of the best parts of planning a rustic wedding is the decorating. Use your imagination for this, and don’t be afraid to try something new. From the wedding invitations and programs to the signage and party favors, you are free to use whatever materials, props, and ideas you can come up with. Mason jars, tin cans, and glass bottles all make great centerpieces when spruced up with fresh-picked flowers. Strings of grapevine lights or paper globe lanterns create a welcoming glow as night sets in.

Most couples find it fun to plan an outdoor wedding because it gives them the chance to really let their personality shine. If you need any help with ideas, one of our wedding coordinators would be happy to help.






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