Wedding Jitters: How the Right Venue Can Help

Wedding Jitters: How the Right Venue Can Help
October 18, 2016 Lucy's Garden

If your wedding is right around the corner, you are most likely experiencing some nervousness; some wedding jitters. Planning a wedding can be stressful because this is a huge life change and there are many decisions to be made. Asking for the right kind of help and having the right venue can help you keep your cool before and during your wedding day so you can focus on your relationship and new life together.

Relationship Stress

There are a variety of things that can cause you stress when planning a wedding. You need to think about wedding location, food, guest list, dress, rings, music, and reception details. Then there are the concerns about this major life change you are going through and any relationship issues you might be going through. Some couple even consult with their church or spiritual advisor for pre-marriage counseling. Many people find this a helpful way to begin to build the bond that will lead to a happy marriage.

Other types of jitters are normal and even beneficial for motivating you to do what needs to be done. For example, knowing you need to get invitations out in time or find a photographer by a certain date will keep you on task to get these things done. It’s when you obsess about the minor details that you start to become burdened by unhealthy stress.

A Single Venue Makes Planning Easier

One of the best ways to solve pre-wedding jitters related to the wedding day itself is to choose the right location. If you are considering an outdoor venue, a garden wedding can make the planning much easier. You only have to work with one venue for the ceremony and the reception, which means only working with one vendor for all your location needs. Simplifying the wedding day by having a rustic country wedding can relieve your stress, because you don’t have to worry about setting things up at different locations or coordinating with several different people. Everything happens at one location so there is no traveling from place to place. This alone will reduce anxiety and pressure.

Good Communication is Key

Another way to make sure things go as you plan is to work on good communication. If there is something specific you want for your wedding day, ask for it. If you as a couple don’t agree on a detail about the wedding, take time to talk it out and come to a compromise. Again, with a single venue for the ceremony and reception, you only have to communicate your wishes with one location operator. You don’t have to worry that your requests will get lost in the shuffle because you know your communication has been heard.

Enjoy the Beauty of Your Wedding Day

Finally, try to enjoy the planning process. This should be an exciting time for you. Plan as many details as you feel up to, but then don’t stress over the little things. That’s the joy of a rustic wedding at a beautiful venue. You don’t have to bring in all the decorations and frills if you don’t want to. An elegant flower garden or rustic barn will be all the backdrop you need for the perfect setting for your big day.

Wedding planning can be a challenge, but when you take a step back and focus on what is important, you will ease those pre-wedding jitters and enjoy the planning process.

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